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Custom PackageCustom Package

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Engagement PortraitEngagement Portrait or
Formal Bridal Portrait

We come to you or a special location of your choosing to produce a portrait set of photographs.  The time involved is typically around one hour.

Bronze: (CD Only) $100
Silver: (5 prints) $140

Economy Wedding PackageEconomy Wedding Package

We capture the most important poses of you and your family members.  Coverage includes posed portraits on the day of your wedding, the ceremony, post-ceremony as well as key shots during your reception.  Time on-site is between 2 to 3 hours.

Bronze: (CD Only) $0,750
Silver: (10 Prints) $0,840
Gold: (Album plus 3 Prints) $1,350

Basic Wedding PackageBasic Wedding Package

Our goal is to capture your wedding from pre-ceremony all the way through to tossing the bridal bouquet.  We use a modified photojournalistic style to record your photographic memories.  The mix of traditional, illustrative and photojournalistic styles is determined by your wants and needs.  Time on-site is around 4 to 5 hours.

Bronze: (CD Only) $1,000
Silver: (15 Prints) $1,130
Gold: (Album plus 5 Prints) $1,600

Deluxe Wedding PackageDeluxe Wedding Package

Coverage starts with the rehearsal dinner, continues with the initial application of makeup and lasts until you drive away on your honeymoon.  We use a mix of photographic styles including: traditional, illustrative and photojournalistic to assure the best captured photographic memories.  Remember that mix of styles is determined by you!  Time on-site is between 6 to 8 hours (including rehearsal).

Bronze: (CD Only) $1,300
Silver: (15 Prints) $1,430
Gold: (Album plus 5 Prints) $2,000

Supreme Wedding PackageSupreme Wedding Package

We include one sitting for the engagement portraits, one sitting for the formal bridal portraits and the Deluxe Wedding Package all in one.

Bronze: (CDs Only) $1,500
Silver: (20 Prints) $1,650
Gold: (Album plus 10 Prints) $2,400

Bronze / Silver / Gold

Bronze / Silver / GoldSome explanation regarding the Bronze/Silver/Gold pricing within each package might help clarify some questions.

  • Bronze - Always includes just the CD filled with carefully sized, touched up and color corrected images with which you can produce as many copies as you like.
  • Silver - Includes some number of prints (identified in the package).  These prints may be 4x6, 5x7 or 8x10 in size.  A sheet of wallet size is considered to be one print.  As always the CD is included.
  • Gold - Includes our specialized coffee-table album, the identified number of prints and of course the full CD.

Extra prints can always be ordered ala-cart for the silver and gold packages.

Special Extra Price Items

Extra Prints

Extra prints can always be ordered ala-cart for the silver and gold packages.

Additional Album Copies

Additional copies of photo album (price based upon 30 pages)

Price: $250

Distant Travel Expenses

Events located more than 50 miles from our location are subject to a 50 cent per mile round-trip surcharge.

City, State, Zip:

Travel destinations that require overnight stay are subject to 50 cent per mile round-trip plus $100 per day.

Prices may vary from values listed on this page depending upon special requests or your varying needs.

Prices listed on the web are subject to change without notice.