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Your Wedding

Your wedding day has finally arrived.  You have been planning for this day for a long time.  Flowers, guests, decorations, cake, invitations -- you can relax and actually enjoy the day because all of the plans are in place.  Your focus is on your spouse to be, and the new life you will live together.

This is the way your wedding day truly should be, and it can be.

A photographer is a vital part of the wedding day planning and the wedding day itself.  You and your photographer will spend a large amount of time together on your wedding day.  The photographer will be a near constant companion on that special day.  You need to assure that you and the photographer will work well together.  You need to be very selective about this person that is going to capture you in some of your most emotional moments.

This is one of the reasons that we need to meet with you face-to-face.  We need to talk about your needs and your dream wedding and how you envision it taking place.  One of the worst things for you to worry about on your wedding day is your photographer.  The interview process is important to assure that we can work with each other.  We need to make sure that we share a positive chemistry; that is the only way that we can both be happy and help make your wedding the special day that you deserve.

Prior to Wedding

If you are working with a wedding planner, we would like to contact them very early on so that we can learn of every aspect of your wedding.

We prefer to attend your wedding rehearsal.  The flow and order of your ceremony is important for us to see and understand.  We will not participate in the rehearsal, but merely want to observe and identify potential photographic opportunities.  It is your choice if we attend; it is not a requirement.

Following the Wedding

After your special day is complete we will meticulously work on every photograph.  We will deliver your pictures to you as soon as possible.  In many cases we will deliver your proofs in just over one month, but please allow for more time especially if your wedding has resulted in a large quantity of pictures.

If you are ordering an album (either as part of a package or separately) then we will want to identify some of the special pictures that you want in your album so we can create your one-of-a-kind photographic memory book.  Please allow additional time for us to create your album.

Signature PhotographsSignature Photographs

Some of the packages include special processing for our Signature Photographs.  For these special images we will spend several hours on each picture.  Each Signature Photograph is unique and will capture a special moment in the story of your wedding.