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Characterized by its highly posed and formal imagery, the traditional style most frequently involves shots which are "set up" before being taken.  This style involves a list of standard poses from which the bride and groom choose.  This is a very classic style that is not fully utilized in the modern event photo shoot.


A largely contemporary form of event photography, this style utilizes the event participants more as design elements.  Placing the subjects in unusual settings and approaching the pictures from different angles, this style is typically an art form for the photographer and is more spontaneous than traditional.


Using this style we capture the event as a series of spontaneous, unposed, shots that document the event.  Primarily because of its highly impromptu form and style this is a very popular form with today's modern couples.

Fine ArtFine Art

Giving the photographer full creative expression, the Fine Art form is best known for its inventive use of lighting effects and angles.  Highly stylized imagery characterize the event photographs.  Images frequently appear more as works of art or paintings, rather than photographs.  This style requires quite a bit of commitment from the participants.

High FashionHigh Fashion

A marriage of techniques typically used by the fashion industry with photojournalism, this style often depicts the participants (especially the primary participants) as if they have just stepped from the pages of a fashion magazine.

Now that you know a bit about the common styles that are used in the industry, let us tell you what we normally provide.

Kodiak PhotographyKodiak Photography

We typically use a mix of Traditional, Photojournalism, Illustrative and Fine Art to capture your event.  The amount of mix between styles is determined by YOU.